Social Bees University Is Touring the NFT Conventions Promoting the Summer of the DAO

PRESS RELEASE April 05, 2022 09:00 ET | Source: BEES Social

Joppa, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bees.Social made its 1st appearance at NFTconnect in Phoenix AZ in February now this week LA-NFT, NFTMiami and NFTcon this week. Securing spots on the stage for a few of these events they are solidifying their place as a top tier Crypto NFT education platform. This week the SBUDAO Social Bees University Decentralized Autonomous Organization is launching.

The Social BEES University Decentralized Autonomous Organization (the “SBU DAO”) is launching on the Ethereum blockchain. By launching with a fully on-chain governance approach, the SBU DAO is setting the standard by moving a funding proposal from idea to voting execution totally on-chain. Treasury governance and disbursement requests are fully interactive and on-chain with proposals, voting and automated decision execution makes it the first of its kind. The SBU DAO made the decision that incurring gas fee for a proposal and vote is worth it to preserve history on-chain, reduce nonsense votes and to run completely transparent on the Ethereum blockchain. Every vote counts and every vote recorded in public. The SBUDAO white paper will be the guide for the upcoming “Summer of the DAO”.

BEES.Social has launched 6 other tokens and 4 asset backed NFT projects with more in the pipeline. But it’s the launch of the DAO that is creating the most BUZZ. Bees Social University will be an incubator for new projects launching through the Bees ecosystem and on

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