Well, the key thing in with Web3 and this, and blockchain is this notion of you do have distributed computers. So you know, Amazon has computers that are distributed around the world, but it’s a single organization that owns all of those computers. And the main difference is when you go to web three is that you have distributed computers, but those just those computers are owned by individuals. And so it’s not a central institution, or organization that owns that. And therein lies the nuance around how we can ensure transparency and immutability and pseudo anonymity that that this technology brings.

So what is the benefit of that?

The benefit is that we’ll take ownership, we don’t have to rely on sort of the middleman who’s sort of exploiting us. So in the Web2 space, we saw a lot of, we saw organizations like Facebook and Google and Amazon, what have you, that were the platforms where this data was stored and distributed, sort of take ownership, ultimately, and therefore exploited other individuals through their data and what have you. So that’s, that’s the key difference is that in a Web3 environment, you can have creatives collaborate with their communities to own that intellectual property that they create..