So explain to us what was web one, just briefly, what was the difference between web one and web two? And then now, now, what is web three,

Web1 was sort of the, the the internet, I knew it when I was in grad school. Alright, so we use it for research. And basically, it was sort of static in a way that information was shared in a static way. And then, with, with Web2, you had an internet where you could engage in things were dynamic. So you had applications that were developed. And you could facilitate transactions, and you could engage in creating content and disseminating information, buying transacting and what have you, right? So that’s, that’s the basic difference going from one one to one, two. And then Web3, is this…, what is enabled by blockchain technology is the ability to take ownership of this intellectual property that you are creating. And this is facilitated by the fact that blockchain technology or distributed ledger technology, is a peer to peer system. And so it facilitates this this scenario where you are in charge of your content, and it’s immutable, and it’s transparent, and a whole bunch of other features and to that end.